About Calligraphy

Beginning in the 2nd century AD, Indic language was transferred using birch bark as a writing surface.Indian calligraphy took off starting around 500 AD when Indian traders, colonists, military adventurers, Buddhist monks and missionaries brought the Indic script to Central Asia from South East Asia.

There was a bigger goal to this style of language than just to communicate with one another. There was no one true form of communication before this was created, and calligraphy helped to guide community members to connect in more than one aspect of life, that was not just language. A rich heritage of calligraphy was embraced as this was a time before printing technology was accessible to Indian counties. This brought people closer together as they began to communicate in the same ways. While it may be used as an art form today, it was essential for communication before the 16th century.

Key Notes of GNELS Calligraphy classes :

Offered only in school children of age 5 to 14 yrs.

  • Symbol here means a mark which has a specific agreed-upon meaning in a language, like a letter of the alphabet, a numeral or a word.
  • Integrity of a letter or other symbol means admirable proportions and form.
  • Harmony describes a pleasing relationship between different visual elements in a piece of calligraphy: parts of a letter, letters, words, the whole text and surrounding space.
  • Ancestry refers to the heritage of letter-shapes, materials and techniques which calligraphers use.
  • Rhythm means the calligrapher's deliberate repetition and variation of marks and spaces to create feelings of pattern and emphasis when you look at the work.
  • Creative fire ... well ... that’s the slightly mysterious life and individuality of any piece of art. That’s the part of it which is you.

GNELS process of Calligraphy Learning

Calligraphy Basics

What Our Faculty have to say !

Calligraphy is an ancient technique used. This was meant to be the communication meaans in the olden days. Hence we teach this calligraphy in GNELS for easy math usage and build a speed in them in writing.

GNELS Calligraphy class is more useful technique that has made almost many of the students improve their writing skills and speed.