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    GNELS Brain Developers

    Why good schooling alone is not enough
    for child's total development !!

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    GNELS Abacus Programmes

    Conducts at thousands of prestigious
    schools across the country

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    GNELS Brain Gym Programme

    Its' about whole brain learning !


Abacus & Brain


Vedic Maths



Abacus training & other brain development program

Who GNELS are?

GNELS is an organisation in the field of development of skills and attitude in the children and make learning or fun activity thus enhancing the mental arithmetic skills.
GNELS is conducting various State-level and National-level Abacus and Brain Gym competitions from decades.
Over thousands of students from class 1st to 7th std. take part in the Abacus programme every year with GNELS across the country.


    We believe in bringing the best from accross the country to their
    various learning centers and schools for conducting
    Abacus and Brain Gym.
    Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

  • Deliver high quality well-researched products.
  • Integrity and transparency in processess and policies.
  • Flexibility and dynamic learning environment for the wards practice.
  • Make learning fun for all our students.
  • Improvement in speed accuracy in calculation, reading and writing.
  • Improvement in mental arithmetic skills.
  • Number will not abstract any more and fear of numbers goes away.
  • Improvement in academic performance and learning process is fun.
  • Enhances confidence and changes the outlook for better.


Learn With Best Teachers
We have the best staffs with us to guide the students in the right way and help achieve their goals with the best methods.

Easy Teaching Methods used
GNELS has a good and sophisticated understandable techniques used. Our techniques have made way easy to all the graduates from our institution.

Other Activities also practiced
GNELS has made every graduate an all rounder by practicing all the othr activities to help students active and build their confidence.

Best Abacus Techniques
GNELS abacus techniques are easy to learn and simple to understand by any novice. We follow the technique that is reknowned and helpful.

Best Brain gym methods
GNELS Brain Gym techniques are easy to learn and simple to understand by anyone that is reknowned and helpful.

Improved KVA Skills
GNELS KVA Skills has helped the graduates build their all skills and also be an all rounder.Techniques that help them lifetime.


Working Progress Our Process Of Learning

There are totally two Junior (5 to 7 yrs) stps involving play way method o teaching. Junior steps helps the children understand the small numbers, holding and zooming the abacus, finger movements about the snake and ladder, drawing the beads, counting small numbers etc. .This step is structured for the classes upto 2nd standard.

Senior steps includes 8 steps meant for the age between( 7 to 14 yrs). These steps are structured for the classes upto 7th standars. Each steps takes 4 months to complete.

Our Programs

Be one among the franchise with GNELS

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GNELS would love to have other franchisee in multiple location.
Join with us to spread the knowledge and enlighten a different way to education.